Core Competence

Applications development (in particular, fun and lifestyle applications) for mobile terminal devices, especially mobile phones, based on the J2ME platform (Java Platform 2, Micro Edition)

Supported Platforms

J2ME, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian

Quality Assurance

Owing to an equipment park of over 150 mobile phones that is always accessible to the developers and QA staff, we are able to ensure the consistent high quality of our applications. A “Java Verified” testing process ensures the best possible security, dependability and accuracy of our software.


An adaptable development environment based on Eclipse ensures efficient programming. With our localisation framwork, the porting engine, our device database, and our Test Centre, we are able to complete applications from development through to release within the shortest timeframe, despite of the constantly increasing “Device Fragmentation”. The average development time of a fun- and lifestyle application amounts to 19 days.


5C-Basic’s portfolio comprises over 100 own (self) developments. Apart from applications for our own marketing purposes, 5C-Basic also produces bespoke work such as the applications that were developed, for example, for AXE (Unilever Deutschland GmbH), Fox (Fox Mobile Studios), Pro7, Sat.1 (ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG), MTV (MTV Networks Germa-ny) and Senator (Senator Entertainment AG).


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